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Mail Rail

The Underground network is not the only underground rail system in London. Yes, the National Rail and Eurostar have their tunnels but there is also a slightly more unusual one. While the previous ones transport people and sometimes cargo, Mail Rail one concentrated solely on post. It has not been running for a while, but recently it was adapted and soon will open to visitors. Advance reservation might be required…

Aldwych Station

The Tube is a vast network, well organized, smooth operating and generously overpriced  But there are some parts of the network which were not as successful. There are more examples like that, but this one is apparently one of the best kept and right in the heart of London!

P.S. If someone knows a way in, let us know

Easter in London

A nice long weekend just started for some which gives a chance to do something interesting, or fun, or both – have it as you wish. We had a look at what can be done. The choice is vast and various and it is difficult to pick a choice, so we decided to take the easy way out and leave it with you 🙂 Here are some proposals, you might do one of these or get inspired to do something of your own!

Happy Easter from the Team at The Cleveland!

OId Operating Theatre

We noticed that we have not suggested any museum for quite a while. Even after skipping the famous ones there is so many left, and today we chose this.

Today’s medicine is quite amazing, there are many diseases we can now cure and more and more complicated injuries can be fixed. It must be interesting to see how we got there…


Bonfire Night

It will be very bright and loud ion London this weekend. The sky will light up in many places across the city, here is a list of the biggest shows:…/bonfire-night-fireworks-displays-i…

It might be difficult to get tickets (for example Alexandra Palace is sold-out) but there always might be a spot somewhere around with a nice view. If you want to see the fireworks but do not have the ticket, these option is worth investigating 😉