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Capital Ring

Something for people who like to walk a lot, and then a bit more  This path, finished in 2005, allows you to explore London’s bit more peaceful areas not in but around the Centre. A total 78 miles or 125 km of routes through suburban areas, woodlands, parks and local high streets. Most enjoyable!


Summer is coming, the weather is surprisingly nice recent weeks, time to go to the see. The usual place of choice for Londoners is Brighton. Nice old town, not far away, a large beach (although not sandy…), rich nightlife. When you are there do not forget to visit the pier, just be sure you go to the right one, because one of them is not exactly the safest to access.
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Cycling in London

Santander Cycles was the only self-hire bicycle rental scheme in London for quite a few years. Not any more though. The market is evolving as we speak and there are new players on the block worth consideration. We still think Santander would be better for daily commute but for occasional use the dockless schemes come in handy, depending on location as well. Have a look.

Only for the brave!

Have you ever visited Oxford Street on a Boxing Day? I saw it once, it seemed like a big, demanding adventure and required a lot of courage to join, which I did not find it. I opted for a secure space in a form of an upper level of a double-decker bus.
This however might change next year, as the street might offer much more space for pedestrians according to Mayor’s plan. So, if you are up to a crazy shopping adventure, make sure to go to Oxford Street this Boxing Day!

Mail Rail

The Underground network is not the only underground rail system in London. Yes, the National Rail and Eurostar have their tunnels but there is also a slightly more unusual one. While the previous ones transport people and sometimes cargo, Mail Rail one concentrated solely on post. It has not been running for a while, but recently it was adapted and soon will open to visitors. Advance reservation might be required…

Aldwych Station

The Tube is a vast network, well organized, smooth operating and generously overpriced  But there are some parts of the network which were not as successful. There are more examples like that, but this one is apparently one of the best kept and right in the heart of London!

P.S. If someone knows a way in, let us know