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Alexandra Palace – Curious London

This time I would like to invite you to Alexandra Palace, which is located in North London. It is a grand Victorian palace build in the 19th century. You can say that, together with the park, is the equivalent of the Crystal Palace in the south (more about that in the future) with the slight difference that it still exists.

It hosts many events like Snooker Masters, concerts, fares, exhibitions etc throughout the year. BBC studios used to be there as well, I am not sure what their current status is. It comes with a big park, great view of the city and further attractions like ice rink, boating lake, tropical garden, a pub (naturally) and many more. For example, every Sunday there is farmers market in the park where you can find some really good food straight from its makers – mniam :)

Please have a look at their website to see exactly what they offer and what events are on:


Best way to get there is either via Alexandra Palace Station and W3 bus or via Finsbury Park, from which the W3 bus starts.