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Useful site

While digging through internet I stumbled across this very resourceful website. You can find a lot of information in the whole spectrum of fields about London and few other big cities as well. Looking for something to do? Or you need to find a bicycle shop close to you? Looking for yet another market? Would like to see how they all look from bird’s point of view? And you want to do all this in the same time? This will help:


I still need to challenge their accuracy 😉

Lee River

img_7455_3dlEaster is coming!

If you are lucky enough to have some time off (as most people do, to be honest) you might want to jump out of the city for a bit. You can go to Lee River Park and enjoy a whole variety of Easterly activities  If not that, the whole River Lee Valley is both interesting and relaxing place to be – both beyond and within London. You can also take your bicycle, go all the way up to Broxbourne and comeback down to London. An enjoyable day trip.



Horniman Museum – Curious London

This time I would like to invite you to one of London’s countless museums. I shall not mention the big and famous ones as they do not need really need mentioning.

The museum for today is The Horniman Museum in south London’s Forest Hill. It is not the biggest but offers interesting curiosities nonetheless. That includes the biggest walrus you will ever see – that is guaranteed