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Did you ever consider living on a boat? There is quite a few people who have chosen this type of accommodation and I must admit it looks like an interesting option. You get a space of small flat for only a fraction of the price, you leave in a beautiful area (of your choice) and are generally considered to be “cool”. I only wonder if it’s not too cool in the winter…

Anyway, if you would like to have a closer look at the boats and the lifestyle of their owners, we are happy to invite you to the “Canalway Cavalcade”, which will take place this weekend in Little Venice (walking distance from our hotel):

Alexander Fleming’s joint

 After a little break we come back with a little curiosity from our neighbourhood. Ever wonder under what circumstances and in what conditions some crucial discoveries took place? You can have a look at the laboratory of the person responsible for one of the most important inventions in the world of medicine – Alexander Fleming.


Please note that the opening hours are pretty narrow.


Brunel Museum

How about some engineering?

There is a museum in London showing the work of one Isambard Kingdom Brunel. An engineer ahead of his time. He built stunning bridges, railway lines and all infrastructure connected (including Paddington Station, just 5 minutes from the hotel) and first underwater tunnel (still used today, by London Overground).

If your mind leans towards the technical side of things, Brunel Museum is definitely a place for you to visit.