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Easter in London

It seems that Christmas just finished and it is nearly Easter (maybe because the snow couple of weeks ago threw us back to Christmas mood?). Unsurprisingly, London gets busy with many ideas how to entertain the swarms of people who suddenly have a long weekend and seek some fun. There will be EggHunts all around the place and this particular one caught our eye:
If you go tickets there is an Easter event. Just do not dig to deep, you do not know where it might take you…
Happy Easter from The Team to The Cleveland

Easter in London

A nice long weekend just started for some which gives a chance to do something interesting, or fun, or both – have it as you wish. We had a look at what can be done. The choice is vast and various and it is difficult to pick a choice, so we decided to take the easy way out and leave it with you 🙂 Here are some proposals, you might do one of these or get inspired to do something of your own!

Happy Easter from the Team at The Cleveland!


Lee River

img_7455_3dlEaster is coming!

If you are lucky enough to have some time off (as most people do, to be honest) you might want to jump out of the city for a bit. You can go to Lee River Park and enjoy a whole variety of Easterly activities  If not that, the whole River Lee Valley is both interesting and relaxing place to be – both beyond and within London. You can also take your bicycle, go all the way up to Broxbourne and comeback down to London. An enjoyable day trip.